Finding direction is a challenge for many young adults, but for those who have aged out of foster care or are experiencing homelessness, this can be especially daunting. Drumm Farm’s COMPASS program offers housing and a network of support to help these young adults through this transition. By providing instruction, life-skill development, case management, educational support, and counseling, the staff at Drumm helps young adults learn tools for living successful, independent lives while building and maintaining healthy relationships.



In fall of 2022, the COMPASS Program opened 11 additional apartments on the Duvall Campus, bringing the total number of transitional living apartments for young adults to 31. And as the program continues to grow, so too does its reach. Seven of the 31 apartments are dedicated specifcally to serving young parents and their babies experiening homelessness. With a dedicated case manager to help these young and/or pregnant parents navigate this next step of their journey, the NEW BEGINNINGS program ensures that both parent and baby have the resources and support needed to thrive and reach their goals of sustainabilty.